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Building a Custom Home

At GlobEx Developments, we know that designing and building a custom luxury home is one of the most important undertakings of life’s work and a direct reflection of one’s achievements.  Your home will demonstrate the way you choose to live your life and the place where you raise your family.

This conclusion is logical once they realize that constant searching takes up valuable time, does not produce the result expected, and that, for the majority of people, it is next to impossible to find exactly what they are looking for in the existing market. With the right builder, a custom home project is affordable, reliable, enjoyable, and an on-schedule undertaking. Additionally, a custom home through GlobEx comes with a solid new construction warranty.

While there are hundreds of architects, designers and new home builders in the Chicago area, you have to select the building professional you will feel confident with, the builder who will deliver the finished product that you specified and deserve.  At GlobEx Developments, we strongly encourage you to do the “homework” and speak with various architects and other builders, to talk with their previous clients and pose challenging questions, some of which may include inquiries whether the project was completed timely and on budget. 

You cannot afford to work with an inexperienced builder who will require your regular presence and participation, or the one who loses control of the construction costs, with exceeding construction costs being the primary concern for those looking to build a new custom home.  At GlobEx Developments, the preliminary estimate evolves into a final number that is reflected in the contract.  We therefore guarantee that the building costs quoted are the building costs clients pay.  Of course, all clients have their own home details in mind, and usually those details evolve with the progress of custom construction.  While we always discuss spending and provide generous allowance for such items as plumbing and lighting fixtures, appliances, and other fine finishing details, this final cost remains in your control.

We work very closely with our clients from the moment they start searching for or select a future site for their home. The same attentive approach continues at every stage of construction. This includes exploring design capabilities, reviewing blueprints, recommending valuable cost savings alternatives without compromising any of the desired features, providing review and input during the entire construction process, helping with designing and selection of finishing materials, and seamlessly incorporating the latest technological amenities into any distinguished architectural style of the homes we build. In other words, every detail receives its required attention.

While our team of experts controls your entire custom home building project, we are happy to receive your input and interact with architects, designers, and other professionals of your choice. Whether our clients choose to be closely involved at every stage of the project or their responsibilities limit their ability to participate as often as they may like, rest assured you will have an efficient and pleasant experience as GlobEx Developments builds your unique and inspired design which becomes the home of your dreams.

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